Sketch Book App

A few weeks ago I downloaded a sketchbook app. Last night while getting in bed, I needed to release some creativity. So I hop in bed with my iPad. I created this!!!

I was inspired by Tim's Sally painting
you see here below on the left!
Part of being an artist is being an inspired artist.
I heart finding inspiration to let my creativity run wild.
I am a big believer in thinking
all things run in circles through the hands of us all,
whether it be through music, paints, home deco, clothes design,
photography etc. and then transforming it
into our own. If you see the difference in my drawing and
Tim's Sally painting, I put a sun with letters inside, my tree
branch really curls at the end-i heart this look,
I didn't add leaves to the branch,
my blue birds tail points a different direction, and
I added wording to my drawing. All things to
simply line it up to be my own, hope you enjoy
seeing the difference. You try it!

These paintings above belong to

Here is the pen I used, which was purchased at Best Buy,
 and the app it's self.
I like the cleanness I get with using this medium.
It's fast and friendly, no mess!

Here is a video that shows you how to use the app,
I believe his is called autodesk sketchbook and
the one I have is called sketchbookx, which
they really are the same this video looks just
like what I have!

My view

I am currently working on a guest blog post, for a friend who published her book near the same time I did! Here was my view today while writing. I'll let you know when the blog post becomes available!