Ashley graduated from the Nursing Allied Health Center/Hinds Community College in Jackson, Mississippi. Where she earned a degree in Dental Assistant and Applied Science. 

She met her husband during her junior year in high school. They married her second semester in college, two months after their first child was born. The following year, she held her dad's hand as he took his last breath at life here on earth. Her dad's mom, her grandmother, died the next day. Two weeks later, Ashley landed her first job in a dental office. Where she met life long friends. 

Fast forward a few years, at the young age of 23, liver cancer smothered her life. A liver resection along with countless doctor appointments later, she walked through a miracle covered in a nationwide prayer chain. No more kids was encouraged by her doctors. She is happy to share after one miscarriage, she gave birth to her second earth living child. She is now a 17-year liver cancer survivor. One of the main reasons she started this blog back in 2009 was to reach people battling cancer. Especially, Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma, a rare form of liver cancer (the one she battled) usually occurring in young adults because she knows first hand the impact it can have on one's life. Ashley encourages if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Fibrolamellar visit The Fibro Foundation website where you will find additional information. Ashley is even one of the Faces of Fibrolamellar on their site. You can also visit Fibrolamellars of the World Unite Facebook group requesting to join.

People often ask her why her kids are so far apart. She is happy to say they are 8 years apart, a senior in college and a eight grader, due to medical reasons battling liver cancer. 

April of 2016, Ashley and her husband celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.

The Lord called Ashley out of the working world, dental office, to home life when her second child was 9 months old. This is when she officially gained a "stay home mom" title at the Murphy Lodge. She wrote her first book, Daddy's Briefcase: My journey through Liver Cancer, during the first few years home while her daughter watched Lion King on a portable blue DVD player. 

Ashley photographed weddings for a total of 10 years before setting her camera on the self. She currently uses those photography skills for photographing her artwork, book covers, blog photos, her family and fun self-therapy. Her paintbrush strokes started soon after gaining the "stay home mom" title. Since then she has created custom artwork for homes all across the states and created two online art classes. She raised money for liver cancer research the last two years by hosting an online art auction. Her desire to be an artist started when she was a child. It's been a lifelong dream of hers. 

So the job title as a "stay home mom" was retired, after 13 years, the summer of 2016 when she published her second book, Under Contract: Life in the Middle of Dreams. She declared after the amount of time, money and hard work put in publishing the second book, she was no longer "just" a stay home mom. She holds a full-time job title as an author, artist, and photographer. All while her husband continues to run a family automotive business partnering with his dad. His servant heart the last 15 years also has carried him out wearing a badge for the local SO Department. Where he holds a Captian title. His leadership runs far beyond the home. 

Last year, Ashley served as the outreach coordinator for her church's MOMS group. 

She continues cheering on other cancer-related people/families any chance she gets.   

In the end, Ashley wishes her degree was some fancy art degree with life events that fell behind it in an orderly fashion. God's plans for her life is just that, her life, and she celebrates His grace. He knows the plans for her life to prosper and grow in ways she alone would not. Her passion is to use the gifts God has bestowed upon her life sharing wisdom, encouragement, and a strong faith to inspire others. Her hopes are you will find yourself at home while spending time here at Ashley's Art Closet. Tell a friend. Post a comment. Have a good day. Shine.

Find my book, Daddy's Briefcase, on Stupid Cancer's Bookshelf.

Request to join a Christian PEN PAL group, Ashley formed on Facebook,  

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