Have I ever told you !?!?!

Have I ever told you I like to make dressing, really I do!?!?!

Have I ever told you we are not called to happiness, we are called to Him!?!?

Have I ever told you the movie Game Plan is a cute movie between a father and daughter!?!?!

Have I ever told you that I've forgotten what music is on my ipod, that's how long it's been since I used it!?!?!

Have I ever told you how thankful I am for my life!?!?

Have I ever told you that if your on my facebook friends list you prob just read all the above!?!?!


What is Pinterest!?

At it's best it is a virtual pinboard which lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. The pinboards can be used to plan a wedding, decorate a home, organize favorite recipes etc. Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing the pinboards is a way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interest.

I know what your thinking, I don't have time for that!

I said it too when a dear friend told me about it. With it in the back of my mind, I stopped one day long enough just to browse. As a person who constantly looks for inspiration and a collector at heart, pinterest is now my new friend! It allows me to sort and shuffle in a clean, fast, organize manner!

Here's a video of the founder, Ben Silbermann, watch as he explains...

A helpful video of how to use Pinterest

and another

Here's a list of board ideas:

places to visit
Holiday crafts
nail polish
dream work space
party ideas
kids crafts
trash to treasure

I am going to warn you, pinterest is addicting!

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Sketch 6

The last sketch of the week of sketches.
By far, this one is one of my favorites.
She reminds me of a few people,
one being Jennifer Aniston.
The others, people I know who look like Jennifer Aniston.

A painted version....

This is a scan copy painted, you may remember it from
I used it on an art piece that I just 
recently finished.  I will
post the finish product soon!

* a glance back *
at the week of sketches
click on each picture to see larger


Art Journal Page 8

Oh boy! This one is one of my favorites. It was inspired by
a card I picked up one day, but never used. Fun, fun...

Art Journal Page 7

This page was done 4th of July weekend!
Pretty plain and simple, just what I like...

Sketch 5

(click on the image to see larger view)

Isn't she a beauty!? This was night 5...

Yesterday, I lost a friend-due to FHC!

My biggest point of starting this blog a few years ago
was to have my voice heard in the FHC community. FHC-
Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma is a rare form of liver cancer
that usually occurs in young adults. Because it is so rare,
finding others with it is like finding a needle in a haystack. And for
those who know me well, know I am a 11 year FHC survivor!

August 10, 2009 I got the sweetest comment here on my blog
from a girl named Jessy:

Jessy said...
Hi there!! I found your blog and wanted to introduce myself and share about my blog (www.canswercolumn.blogspot.com) because you're the only other person I've met with FHC and it just thrills my heart to finally meet someone else who understands completely my cancer (though I truly hate that you have it at all). I was diagnosed two years ago, five days before my twenty first birthday. Anyway, thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures in a blog...YOU have totally inspired me today. :))

Sadly, Jessy lost her battle yesterday!!! :(

Jessy was the first of three with FHC to find me through my blog,
although I had connected with other FHC people elsewhere.
And you can tell by her comment how happy she was to find me.
I remember finding my first FHC person, the connection is one no one else can have unless you have been there. It's a feeling of feeling less alone!

As time went on, Jessy and I stayed connected off and on
through facebook. It was so funny when I looked her up
on facebook and sent her a friend request,
her accepting. In my message, I explained who I was, "You left a comment on my blog…ashley's art closet...I am a FHC survivor.....
Thanks for your comment, talk more with you later, just wanted
to make sure u knew the connection, have a great day!"
She confessed she was a little confused of who I was, being a blonde, but was so glad I reached out to her. I was strikingly busy finishing up my book but I watch her Facebook status from a far, she was living a busy life of treatments and planning her wedding, which she did in fact marry the man of her dreams. Oh to hear her tell her love story was just stunning, she too was a writer and a dang good one at that!

This summer when I became more active in a group called
Fibrolamellars of the World Unite, I added Jess.
Everyone who was in the group at the time racked their brain
to add those touched by FHC that they had come in contact with over the years. Jessy was so glad to be apart of the group. Only, I didn't know just how bad her health had really gotten. She came right into the group sharing her FHC story, just like everyone else in the group had done and was doing-each story is so different but has shinned such light to educate and help others. I could go on for days how people have been able to connect, pointing others to counselors, local groups, lodging paid for, meeting face to face another FHC person, sharing doctors info, treatment info, ask this question, take someone with you, and "oh, no they didn't" etc…!!!

I would see Jessy connecting with others. She was a true charm!
A very Godly woman, she had faith till her very last moment-
her husband even shared that with
the Fibrolamellars of the World Unite group
late last night. It just breaks my  heart because if anyone
fought hard to find answers, healing she did.
She wanted more than anything to have children of her very own,
hers and her husbands. But just couldn't due to her health.
I know she is in a better place and will suffer no more,
but a piece of me knows she is mad as heck that she wasn't able to
prove cancer wrong here on this earth-she tried so hard!!!

My heart so aches and my thoughts and prayers go out to her family,
her husband, her friends, to anyone touched by her!
She was just awesome,
I will forever miss you JESSY
but never never forget you.
I too will live a life full of faith and possibility
just like you did my friend, lots of love!

click here who-have-you-inspired-lately
to see the actually comment Jessy left me...
and to help you better understand the stress
in my life at that moment was me trying to fully
release everything in my book. Me and my sister
had talks about things we had been through together
that we had never talked about. Turning loose of thoughts
and feelings is awesome....very healing, which makes you
that much stronger!!!

Reminder: a portion of my first year sales of Daddy's Briefcase:
My Journey through Liver Caner will be donated  to FCF-
Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation
as a part of the Ambassador Project.
Click here ==>Proceeds donated to the FCF
to see my right up of offering my donation!!! 

Or here to see my story on the Faces of Fibrolamellar.
Other ways you can help FCF!

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