I am so giddy inside...

Woo Hoo Wee...

Days go by so fast, sometimes!
Summer is here...

So you want to know why I am giddy?

I am a guest blogger,
for a very dear young lady,
a friend, Marisa, at Sally's Circle,

I met Marisa on another blog,
Life with Cancer,
where she was a guest blogger.

We all tend
to connect with people
who we have things in common with.

Marisa and I have a list of connection's,

When Marisa was 20, her mother passed away.
When I was 20, my father passed away.

Marisa's mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2000.
I, myself, was diagnosed with cancer in 2000.

Marisa's mother's cancer type was pancreatic.
I lost my grandmother to pancreatic cancer.

Now if your not feeling it, don't worry because I am!

Marisa could so be my next door neighbor,
my best friend from childhood,
a friend in my graduating senior class,
her warmth companion friendship is guaranteed.

She has put herself on the line for others
to connect, I was mostly touched by this.
She states in her about me section,
"I promise I'll always listen"
and I have seen it first hand,
not only with me but others.

Guys it's people like her
who give you the courage to move on
even when life is hard,
deal with the emotions
but don't miss a bet of your own life!

So you read a tid bit of my story over at her blog, Sally's Circle,
now you are here to see what's up with me.

Read my first blog entry,WELCOME
my second,23 things about me
Fast forward to,Today is the day.

So I am still working at it, the book that is.
Oh and I almost forgot Marisa's writing a book as well,
another thing in common, they are endless...

Actually, as we speak,
no really as you read and I type,
my manuscript is in the hands
of a very talented girl.

Whose first job is not editing,
so with time and patience
running side by side,
we are working on it!

I will keep you posted,
if you would like to follow my blog, do so,
if you want to be put on my email list,
let me know.

Until next time,
have a wonderful day!


Summer here we come...

As the school year wraps up,

Who's ready for summer?

Me ME me....

Last week,
I cleaned the girls rooms
really good and now this week,
I am focusing on stock up....

Stock up? Pack up for the summer!

beach towels
bug spray
quick lunches
laundry supplies
bathroom supplies, toothpaste, brushes...
hair products, mouse, hairspray, shampoo...
cleaning supplies, bathroom...
small art actives, colors, coloring books....
other actives, water balloons, sidewalk chalk, bubbles...

I don't want to spend countless hours
in the store with kids! How about you?

What's on your stock up list?
Please share, I am sure I am forgetting something.

Hope everyone has a blast of a summer!

Remember this month is graduation ....

As we are near
the middle of May,

Don't forget those
who are graduating
whether it be
high school
or college.

My oldest daughter
and I chose
two beautifully
talented girls,

from the senior class
where my kids attend
school, to give
a small gift,
along with a card,
a little something simple.

I remember my senior year!

Do you?

It can be a scary time in our life,
but we can be reminded that it's okay,
go forward with those hopes
and dreams....

gift ideas:

Gift card
Jump drive
Inspirational book
Coffee maker
Organizer or planner
Desk accessories
A piece of luggage
Resume writing books
Set of sheets
Picture frames
Book about future field of study or career
Self-help Book
Phone card