Proof in my hands

Guess what I got today?

I had no clue it would be here this soon.

My youngest daughter, who is 7, was around
when I realized there was a package waiting
for me. She has been so encouraging through
this entire process. To see the light in a child's
eyes her age as she says, "mom you can sell this book",
is absolutely priceless.

We called my other daughter in the room,
hubby wasn't home yet. The thought of waiting
on him to open the box did cross my mind, but
a little voice told me go ahead.

I grabbed for a knife, cutting the box open.

My eyes pounced with proudness!

Finally, in my hands a finished product.

Both girls ran, dancing with a copy in their hand.

I really could not believe my eyes, how awesome
the finished product turned out. Although, it is
not really finshed. I have to proof it, right, that is why
it's called a proof.

As goofy as they look, my littlest one made me take a picture, like so!
And she took them, priceless...


A week after finishing my book cover design,
I fought myself but finally ordered
a proof of Daddy's Briefcase

After talking with other authors,
I realize this is completely normal
to have the jitters, but man.

So, I must wait patiently.

I hear it can take a week, two weeks
or longer to receive your proof.

I will keep you posted!

Homemade Instant Cappuccino

This time of year
all the things I shouldn't be eating
or drinking tends to become my favorite!

And sadly, it will not stop until after
the first of the year. That's what makes
me so sad. I really should use alittle
self-control, right!?

Until then, I want to share one of my favs with you.

Homemade Instant Cappuccino

1 cup instant brewed coffee
1 pack instant hot chocolate
1 tablespoon full of sugar
1 or 2 splashes of milk

you can even use a dash of

enjoy my friends,
ashley :)

Book Cover Design

WoW! I have a book cover!

My heart melts looking at this.
Oh, at how real it makes it.
After five long years,
it's finally coming all together.

I created a template in Photoshop for my
book size 5.06 x 7.81

Generated by this formula:

Bleed + Back Cover Trim Size + Spine Width + Front Cover Trim Size +
Bleed =Cover Width

Bleed + Book Height Trim Size + Bleed
=Cover Height

.125 + 5.06 + 0.535976(238 x .002252) + 5.06 + .125 =
10.905976 width

.125 + 7.81 + .125=
8.06 height

The spine width is figured by the number of pages
multiplied 0.002252. My book will be 238 pages.
See above the 238 x .002252
= 0.535976.

Photo Shoot

I am really used to being on the other side off the lens!

In order to have a photo for the back of Daddy's Briefcase,
I simply had to go for it. My sweet, sweet teenage daughter
graciously photographed me.

Thank you so much from the
bottom of my heart. I am diffently
seeing photography in your future.

Thes are only a few she took,
I know really how many must one take!?

Out of this group they look
a lot alike to me, but one perfectly fits
for the back cover.

Can you see the one I picked?