I'll Never Own Another Front Loader

Welcome back for my third upload on Youtube. I am glad you are joining again. If this is your first time, my name is Ashley Murphy, I am a wife, mom, photographer, artist, author and Jesus lover. My passion is sharing my everyday journey with others. So they may see a ray of hope on their own journey. Not to replicate mine, yet press forward on their own, living a non cookie cutter life. Be you. Be wonderful you. Psalm 139:14. You are loved. You are awesome. You are His. Shine. 

Let's find out why "I'll Never Own Another Front Loader." You will probably be surprised to hear my final answer. Please leave a comment, hit the thumbs up button, share and subscribe over on the actually video on Youtube. All of these help press me forward on this new adventure of being a YouTuber. Thanks for your continued loved and support!

I hope you have a wonder day. 

I'll see you next time. 

Ashley Murphy

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What's In My Attic

Hello friends, welcome back for the second vlog upload on youtube. I am so excited about this new adventure. Being able to share this with you here on my blog, Ashley's Art Closet, makes for a fun journey. Last week, I shared with you my first vlog. Click HERE if you missed my first vlog: What's In My Trunk Today's vlog share for the week is titled, What's In My Attic. Please join me, as I share alittle glimpse starting off my daily routine. Then moving into the attic where you might be surprised what I am actually up to. You may find it helpful for your own family life. Also, catch a glimpse of my turtle aquarium as the vlog ends. You can watch the video here from my blog, below. Or you can head over to Youtube. Where you can Share. Comment. Like. and Subscribe. on youtube as I continue this new adventure. Have a wonderful day! Shine. 

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What's In My Trunk: First Vlog

At the beginning of the year, I begin praying for the Lord to show me where I am at in this current season of life. I was looking for His guidance for outlets to just be me. Me as a child of His to shine love and creativity among everyday normal life. Aiming towards several different outlets, vlogging on youtube came before me. Something I'd not considered possible. So thankful for His guidance, see my first vlog below, comment, like, and or share the video. Check back weekly as I get in the groove of this new journey! I think you are going to like it. Remember you were made to shine. You are loved. You are His. Have an awesome day!

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