What's In My Attic

Hello friends, welcome back for the second vlog upload on youtube. I am so excited about this new adventure. Being able to share this with you here on my blog, Ashley's Art Closet, makes for a fun journey. Last week, I shared with you my first vlog. Click HERE if you missed my first vlog: What's In My Trunk Today's vlog share for the week is titled, What's In My Attic. Please join me, as I share alittle glimpse starting off my daily routine. Then moving into the attic where you might be surprised what I am actually up to. You may find it helpful for your own family life. Also, catch a glimpse of my turtle aquarium as the vlog ends. You can watch the video here from my blog, below. Or you can head over to Youtube. Where you can Share. Comment. Like. and Subscribe. on youtube as I continue this new adventure. Have a wonderful day! Shine. 

(watch the video here )

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