What I LOVE about FaLL!

the smell of cinnamon
the coolness
my boots
leaves on the ground
fall decoration, it reminds me of my mom,
my childhood!
my jackets, notice I added an s!
change in menu, chili, soups
the changing colors
the state fair

It's in the mail

Friday I was feeling alittle on top of the world
and thought I'd share something with my
facebook buddies...
This was my facebook status from Friday!  

(oh boy at how my mind works)

Well one of my readers guessed it right...


If you've read Daddy's Briefcase chances
are you already knew that but
just didn't get a chance

Well be on the look out for future
give aways. Not sure when they
will be but maybe when
the moment
is feeling just
lead to do

This painting was inspired by  
Chris August's song Starry Night

I wanted to share with you a little behind
the scenes of just how I came up
with this painting.

This is my original sketch....
me working it out of my head
on to paper.

Listen to the words of the song...
these are the words that
stuck with me while painting....

birds that sing
tallest trees
desert sand
He is everything
painted sky
moon reflects the sun
starry night
autumn leaves