Mary Beth Chapman

When the kids started school this year,
I wanted to read something. Something from a Christian
prospective, and the Christian fiction author, Chris Fabry,
I have grown to love newest book, Almost Heaven,
wouldn't be out until October.

Mary Beth Chapmans new book Choosing to See,
caught my eye. So I read it in August/September....
I really enjoyed it! Mary Beth did
a great job of fully opening her heart.

Not only showing the struggles of the loss
of their daughter, but struggles through the years
as well. Although her struggles are different than mine,
I so could relate to her. Her book in away reminds me of
what my book will be like, glimpses of other struggles through
the years that bring us to a even bigger struggle.

I know for me I wouldn't change one thing about my life,
and I am thankful Mary Beth shared her story. It shows us
no matter who we are, where we are that life does and will
have struggles but if we choose to see, it makes everything
that much brighter.

I choose to see!

Facebook Status #3

I love when I learned something new.
I am a big fan of American Idol, its one of the few
shows I actually watch.

And to hear on the radio the other day that Jason Castro
is now a Christian singer and song writer, my heart just
melted. Check out his new song: You Are The One

I shared this on facebook one day recent!

I also asked for his new CD for Christmas,
so we will see, I can't wait!

Facebook status updates...#2

Okay I am no marriage expert,
but hubby does call me "Dr. Phil",
nor do I proclaim to have a perfect marriage
but after being married for 15 years now,
hmmmm let's just say I have seen it all.

Not just through my marriage but friends as well,
and being a wedding photographer. So I am
always on the look out for helpful insight on marriage.

Facebook Status Posted on September 22
"I saw this, this am...tried posting it from my phone, but it didn't here you go - it's from focus on the family!!!"

Ten Secrets to a Successful Marriage

Christian music

I remember a time in my life
when someone suggested I listen to a
Christian radio station.

When I tried listening, I just couldn't
make sense of the songs, although I am a Christian.
And ultimately switched back
to my regular schedule program, other stations.

In the last year though, I have switched back to the
Christian radio station and boy have the songs spoke
volumes to me.

So I invite you to listen to the station I listen to,
check out for you local station.
You will hear such real life things happening on klove.
then listening into the music, where they go behind the scenes
to give details how the song came about, is my fav!

Let's just say if your not into Christian music now, there is hope!!!

Facebook status updates...

Okay so I am not gonna lie to ya, it's hard having a family and writing a book. Things tend to get neglected...I tend to updated my facebook status rather than coming over here writing up a blog I want to share a few status updates with you, the first one is from August 24th- "As hard as it was six years ago to give up my dream job to be a stay-home mom, boy my life would be so different, I am so glad I listen to God's he calling you to be somewhere you can't see yourself, be sure to his calling!!! :)"

and I attached this video, from a local church...

August 22: "Pinelake Inside Out: Values - Leveraged Living" from Pinelake Church on Vimeo.


In order to sale my book, Daddy's Briefcase,
I have to have a ISBN,
International Standard Book Number,
a unique number that identifies a specific publication
of a book.

If you look on the back of any book,
where the bar code is, the number that
appears is the ISBN.

I purchased a block of ten,
just days ago. This makes it seem so
real that I am actually going to have a book
in print one day soon!

I chose a block of ten, because once
they are yours the numbers never expire,
and I hope in the future to publish another book.

If you need information or looking to
purchase an ISBN number,
I purchased mine from myidentifiers.