I am not a reader...

I know, I know
I have said several times,
I am not a reader!

And although I still claim that to be true,
there are a few things I have read over
the past year that I really, really liked.

Two books, by Chris Fabry
June Bug

I read them just in that order.

When June Bug first came out last year,
I saw it in the home life magazine. Not knowing
who Chris Fabry even was, I felt compelled to
looking into getting the book.

The cover really caught my eye.

I was at a point in my life of needing to
reconnect spiritually, which is another blog
or book in it's self. So after making a trip to the
local Christian book store, I purchased June Bug,
at the beginning of the school year, last year.

I relate to my kids school year.

Reading June Bug took me to a safe zone,
a zone I personally needed to be in.

I absolutely loved reading June Bug.

By the end of the school year, I was looking for
another book. One that would take me peacefully
to where June Bug had.

So off to the local Christian book store I went.

I really had in my mind, I would find another good
book as good as June Bug. After browsing the shelf
for awhile looking at different books by different authors,
I couldn't find one that really jumped out at me.

I knew I really liked the way Chris Fabry writes.

So I went over to Dogwood, picking it up.
Paid, left and laid the book down somewhere at home.

It was several days maybe even weeks
before I even started reading

I had in my mind I just bought it because I didn't find anything else.

I'll let you in on a little secret.

When I finished Dogwood, I wanted more of Chris Fabry.

Only thing is his next book,
Almost Heaven, is not due until
October of this year.

Now if you clicked on the Almost Heaven, you
probably saw something else first. If you didn't click
on it, go do it now.

Yelp there you have it, Drew Brees-
Coming Back Stronger:
Unleashing the Hidden Power of Adversity
with Chris Fabry

Now how bout that? I had no clue either...

Back at super bowl time, I posted
Interview with Drew Brees, to me Drew
is just an awesome person...

But if I ever tell you again I am not a reader,
that's that...

I am not a reader, I am a writer...!!!

but SHhhh writers do read too...
I just find it hard for certain types of books
to hold my attention, I guess it is kinda like a movie
or music. We all have differences.

Have you read any of Chris Fabry's books?
Have you ever been on a cross road spiritually?
Do you plan to read Drew Bree's book?

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