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WeLcOmE, WeLcOmE
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As most of you already know
I've been taking the Art of Wild Abandonment
online workshop by Junelle Jacobsen

so can you click here:

Each week Junelle
teaches the class and
Christy shares her take on it all
one time a week. Below
was inspired by
Christy's week one...

These are my watercolor crayons,
I used for the above picture.
I wish I would have
waited and purchase like what
she uses but my local art store
doesn't carry them. And actually didn't
know the difference in the two
until I got home looking at them.

Same thing on this one
sketch and watercolor

Take time OUT:
1. Laugh! Laugh again...
2. Let others know where your light comes from!
3. Look at what's in front of you, not the person next to you!

Another take,
another day in Junelles class,
walk a day in my shoes....
created by me

as a stay home mom this one
came straight from my heart.
I can so see this one as my next
book cover. Walk a Day in my
Shoes: stories of a stay home mom.

I tell myself all the time if I had
all this time to create all the art,
write all the books and take
all the pictures that come to my mind
would be so awesome then I stop and think...
I already have a job...

One of the things Junelle
teaches is looking at what's around you
and sketch it. This woman is known
for her sketches now..

While at a local sandwhich shop one
afternoon, my eyes were wondering,
kinda like they do when I am
looking for a picture to take,
I saw the cutest little girl!

So I used a napkin and a pen from
my purse. Isn't it so
stinkin cute!?

So I did more once
I got home...

aren't these just the cutest girls ever,
I can't keep my eyes off of them...

more thumbnails sketches...

One of the big things about taking
Christy's classes is her
She gives discount when you
sign up for one of her classes!

Above are
things I purchased this go around
from Christy.

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