Minnie Mouse cake

For my daughter's bday she wanted a sleepover, so I thought it would be fun for them to decorate her own cake this year, instead of buying one!
These girls had a blast...

we used three pans
two 4inch
one 6inch
black icing
ivory icing
white icing
pink fondant icing
butter reciepe cake mix
cardboard cover with aluminum foil

pictures courtesy of whoever had the camera a the time
keeping in mind this was well past midnight
I was helping several of the girls fight sleep
just in order to stay awake to see the end result.

Happy One Year

Today marks one year
here at Ashleys Art Closet...

Hope everyone had a blast of a day!

Most of my day was spent learning about
headers and footers
for my book layout.

And if anyone every tells you publishing a book is easy,
they lied. I am just thinking in the end it's gonna be worth it!

Is it just me or...

do you sense, notice the increase of cancer diagnoses?

My heart nearly crumbles when I hear of a new diagnosis!

I just don't understand, not sure I will ever.

It is in my hopes that one day soon a cure is found.

Recently, I have heard of several new diagnoses-
I lift up each one of those, that you may find peace
and comfort-healing!

Cleaning closet

I cleaned the closet around here guys, can you tell?

I have been blogging close to a year now
and was thinking a clean out would be good.

The picture in the banner is one I painted, a year or so ago.

Hope you enjoy the new look!

There are a few adjustments I would like to do
but I am still learning-

Winter Blues

I wanted to share my list of winter blues help.
...because I refuse to let those blues get me
this year.

Turn a lamp on first thing in the morning-

Put batteries in a clock that actaully ticks-

Cook something you don't normally-
turn a tv show on while doing this
I personally don't watch alot of tv
but while I am cooking I will turn tv on
Good Morning America, Regis and Kelly, The View and Martha, now
Ellen....here in my neck of the woods.

I am more of a music girl...
other months I listen to music...
so if you usually watch tv try music instead.

Eat a banana-

Drink organge juice-
I get a pack of little chartens that have straws...
they are fun and you don't waste...

Stretching....mainly done while I dress for the day.
I dress for the day each day regardless...
this makes me fell like me.
Stretch several time like above your head...
or any movement in general....

Wear bright colors-

Wear perfume or body spray...
I started this last year right at the end of
my blues and found it helps alot....

Rearrange decorative items in the house...
like pillows, lamps, candles, picture
frames...something FUN

Start a chalk board...
write something on it for your family...
my family loves this...
it lets them know I did think about them
while they were gone and before
I know it in some small way they let me know
they thought of me also.

It really stinks that no matter what road we are on in life
the blues can get us....

ashley :)

Do you suffer from winter blues?

To change or not ....

When I started this blog, I did it with all my arts
in mind, after thinking long and hard about it,
blog a verse from ashley's art closet
came to heart!

A name I felt was perfect, I was at such peace with it.
My landing of focusing
only on one art, is just not fit for my life-nor will
I settle for it!

After using the name for nearly a year now, and have email
to match and passwords that are my email, it sure is alot to type-


So I already attempted to rename this blog, did you notice?
To simple Ashley's Art Closet, which still is alot but shorter.
The only problem is google doesn't find it, it just links back to the
blogaversefromashleysartcloset, then when you click on it, it says
something like blogger is not used. I even registered it with google
to see if that would help-nothing. If you google ashleysartcloset.blogspot.com,
it goes right to it.

Question, should I leave it simple to ashleysartcloset where you have to type that exact for google to find it. Or should I put it back to blogaversefromashleysartcloset, where google will pick it straight up
with out you typing in the blogspot part.

My main goal to figure this out-
is to make it easy for others,
when searching for my blog and or emailing.

So if I leave the change, I am gonna change my email
to ashleysartcloset. But I don't want to do this until I am certain
any of this even matters.

What is your outlook, remember you can email me if you like!

ashley :)

p.s. I just finished my corrections from my editor at the end of January-
I will post more soon.

I can hardly wait....

I am not a big football person -

Although growing up I watched the Saints with my mom.

Below is an interview with Drew Bress, it's very touching.

When Katrina hit New Orleans I watched how broking everyone
was...for them to take this stand now.. the super bowl..
lets us know good really does come!

And to have Drew as the QB is just awesome...

I will be watching the super bowl...!!!