TODAY is the day.... nine years ago!

Well guys if you have looked around my blog enough,
you have gained insight that I am writing my first
book, Daddy's Briefcase.

A book, something that I some days don't/didn't
think is/was possible. Believe me it has been very trying
to say the least.

Now, I am convinced any of us can do
anything we want as long as we set our heart, mind, body
and soul out to do so. But I’m obviously new to this book-writing
and publishing work, so I value any input, advice, suggestions,
helpful links, etc. that anyone wants to pass on!

Do you every see people in troubled times?
And secretly or openly wonder how they handle themselves,
or just want all the juicy details of how it all went down!

Nine years ago TODAY, is when it all started,
being told there was a spot on my liver.
Ultimately, I received the worst news
most people humanly possible could gain.

I was diagnosed with a rare form of LIVER CANCER,
at the time it was so uncommon for someone
my age, 23, to receive this type of news.

Already at age of 20,
I lost my father due to liver failure, he was 48.
The following day my grandmother died due to pancreatic cancer...

Prior at age 19, I gave birth to my first child.

My plate was full, way beyond FULL!!!
I promise ya!
So how did I survive?

In 2005, I set out to start my journey
of sharing my cancer story on paper.

One page of the first chapter was typed,
I ran, the emotions were still there,
I didn't even realize it.

Another year passes, a tug constantly
on my heart lingered, I had to find a way
to get my story out there, to share my struggles
in hopes of helping others, in 2006, I started typing

This go around was better, I am still working on it.
Yes, it's taking this long guys.

It is in my hopes you will join me on this journey,
we can complete this together.

I hope to wrap things up this year!

So you can get all the juicy details...
I can't wait!


p.s. I am going to be looking for early readers if anyone
is interested shoot me an email.

Spring Break 2009!

I finally made it back to share the details of our week, sorry to leave you hanging with just the pictures. Thanks for the comments already received,on the pictures!

MONDAY-Shopped for material for my oldest daughters school project, a parachute to be drop over Germany with Dios es Amos (God is Love) hand writing on the side, yes I had to sew the parachute. This project earned her an extra 100 in the class, so two great things at once, she got a good grade and someone else will learn they are loved. We also went shopping for flowers for the cemetery, my youngest daughter has never been to my daddy's grave and always ask about it, so what a beautiful time of year to go. When I told her we would go one day when they are out of school she ask me, "can we dig his bones up" she is five!

TUESDAY-We arrive to our scheduled hair appointments, with my mother, for the girls. All ate lunch together at a local sand which shop. Then drove to the cemetery. Monday it rained, so we were not sure if it would carry on into Tuesday, I had visioned the kids having their pictures made with rain boots and umbrellas. The sun was perfectly out when we got there but I was determined to still get those photos. I meant to bring a shovel!

they tried to bring home a baby fish and a baby turtle...momma said NO! :(

WEDNESDAY-My oldest daughter went to work with her aunt, so my and the youngest had alittle time to ourselves. We ran a few errands, in return I took her to the park and a quick stop at the local ice cream shop. There we saw the manager, she is always busting with friendliness, always remembers my family. A break appeared between customers, she begin telling me about the first time school fundraisers she put together, showing me the fundraiser packets. Again busting with excitement, she expressed how she hopes to be in corporate office one day. I look her firmly in the eyes telling her you will be, keep up the great work. Guys workers like this will make it to the top no doubt. The same goes for us in our daily lives! I didn't have time to explain to her just what I meant, she did ask about my position in a company, then the break was over. In all of the history of my life, I have worked hard to be where I am, on top! My oldest daughter came home, went to spend the night with a friend. The youngest hung out on the back porch and gazed into the eyes of the dozens of caterpillars she found. Of course I broke out the camera, when she finally came inside she told me, "I heard God talking to me" a five year old now, that's amazing! I ask what did he say but she couldn't really tell me other than she heard his voice in her head.

THURSDAY-Was quit, after lunch we picked up the oldest, drove to a schedule orto appointment.

FRIDAY-Cleaned, groceries, cooked and had family night!

So you have it, our week...I remember several years back a dentist I worked for,at the time,son said to him something about not going on a big trip for spring break, like all of his friends. Of course he had the good old father son talk with him about all the stuff he does for him through out the year and so on...

Our spring break is a prefect example even the littlest things done can be a good time, they might think different, but my point is you don't have to leave town, state or the country! I showed them meaningful things that we are usually to busy to just sit back and enjoy.

Wednesday 4 WE....yes that means you & me !!!

I want to start off by saying,
THANKS to everyone who has joined
the blog party... this has been a cool journey!

And to those who stopped in on MY PAGE! I hope you
found some form of insight while here to apply in your
daily life, even if you don't return here again, but its in
my hopes you do, because I would love to have you around.....

On second note MY MONDAY ME
turned into a TUESDAY 4 THEE
all while settling back in after a long week
of spring break spent with the

So on this WEDNESDAY 4 WE
I set out to tell about my time
during spring break, quickly realizing
I have way more to say then time I have
to offer today, so I wanted to at least
share something with you today, maybe to
brighten it...

Remember to do your part, leave comments by the dozens
you might even help someone else out,
who is reading.

Okay so here goes,
watch this video blow
some of you may have heard
this song before it's
Cowgirls Don't Cry by Brooks n Dunn,
don't get lost really in all the actual happens
on the video, if anything don't watch video, just
listen to the song....if you have been faced with
troubles in your life, as I know we all have at some
point, this song is for you, now I am not saying ignore
your emotions but once you seek out those emotions get back
on your feet and move on...don't miss a moment of your life
stuck in emotions...hugs to all! and know someone loves you...

Oh and be sure to check back soon
I am gonna break our spring break down
just for YOU to see....I can't wait.

ashley :)

Yes Yes...I joined the blog party!

Hello everyone,

I have been away for a few days,
spring break with my kiddos.
Boy am I tired!

So I am gearing up for a big me day on Monday
but in the mean time I want to do my part in the blog party.

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Jump down to my first blog WELCOME and then my second blog 23 things about me

Oh and check out my page on myspace to get alittle closer look at ME...myspace... I haven't made it to facebook or twitter yet!

I'll be back later this week to share what we were up to spring break.

Planning a special day...

Are you planning a special day...
your WEDDING...
or is someone you know...
Although months of seems like endless planning,
something is likely to go wrong.
So pack your bag full of these items below to tackle any emergency...

Wedding Day Survival Kit
Ponytail/Bobby pins
Safety pins
Floral pins
Nail file
Needle and Thread (white/ivory/black/brown and color of bridemaids dresses)
Super Glue
Pain Reliever
Band Aids
Lip Gloss
Earring Backs
Lint Brush
Tide to go! (wipes or pen)
Eye Drops
Peptobismol Tablets
Hair Products/ Spray/Gel/Mousse
Blotting papers
Body Spray/Perfume/Cologne
Black Socks
Shoe Polish
Extra stays for collar
Razor/Shaving cream
Cellphone with vendors numbers

I have search high and low for things to place on this list but if you know of something to add, let me know.

Thanks to everyone,
ashley :)

Featured Couple of 2009

I am truly honored
to share with you
my "Featured Couple of 2009"

A couple zesting for a full life ahead!

We met on a Saturday
for their scheduled engagement session.

This was my first time to meet Josh.
It was obvious from the beginning of the shoot
he adores Laurie.

Laurie and I met
at her cousins Greek wedding
in May of 2006 ...a true blast!

Me and cousin go way back...SHhhh
I will not tell...if you do not tell...stories!

In a calm manner
Laurie called me the day before
the session. We talked about the "what if's" of mother nature.

Thanks to the Mississippi weather
earlier in the week we were
surround by temps in the middle 70's.
Now we were facing windy temps in the low 40's.

Another call the next morning...

They proudly show up
at their scheduled time
dressed in coordinating die for!
with a change of another coordinating outfit.

When we talked about
how they meet
I was truly digging this couple.

Laurie insisted their love story was not exciting.

I beg to differ.

I love to see blossoming couples,
to me that is enough of a love story.
And this couple is defiantly blossoming,
both have degrees with a planned career ahead.

Their three year relationship
began playing a game of washers with mutual friends.
Away from champing the game of washers,
Laurie is sure never to go hungry...
with Josh's cooking!

Most other times they can be caught
snuggled up watching a movie or a favorite sport
with their three dogs.

I can't wait until your early June wedding...
to meet the rest of the wedding party and your family!
Laurie is going to be a beautiful bride...

Thanks to the both of you, you rock!

ashley :)

p.s. By midnight there was less than an inch of snow
on the ground!

Thinking of a friend today...

In 2000 when I was diagnosed with FHC,
I longed to find other cancer related people,
that's like me saying I want someone to have cancer...WRONG!

Unfortunately at that time no one was to be found.

I was completely ALONE!

Springish, Summerish of 2008,
coming open with the writing of my cancer journey,
I begin to meet others who have been touched by FHC,
cancer period, for that matter. Long past what I thought
was the end of my healing process...
connecting with others help feel the void,
the void I longed for, for so long!

Amazingly, I found a hand full of FHC peeps.

Today one of those special peeps
is under going some additional treatment.
It is in my heart she will have a full and fast recovery!

She is a true angel! A fighter... her motto is
"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow..."
I call her my little FHC sister...!



Remembering as far back as a child can.
Jumping in the long backseat of my grandmother's
old blue 1970's Lincoln Continental.

She would drive as far as Utica.
While still in Hinds County it felt so far away to me.
Stuck with car sickness, crayons a jumping, books a flying.

Her ageing hands grip
the big blue round stirring wheel.
Only taking one hand off at a time.
Her long pointer finger taps the window
next to her.

Her gentle soul speaks, look at the beautiful trees.

I didn't think much of it then.
Now as an adult, now she is gone,
spring is one of my favorite times of year.

Enjoy these pictures above photographed last week in February.

This week is March.
These trees don't look the same!
It's amazing how fast blooming takes place.

Farewell my friend... "Good Day"

This morning I wake to the news
of Paul Harvey's passing
at the age of 90! A radio broadcasting pioneer
with a voice to never be forgotten.
I like so many others remember him
as far back as one can.

He will be greatly missed.