Featured Couple of 2009

I am truly honored
to share with you
my "Featured Couple of 2009"

A couple zesting for a full life ahead!

We met on a Saturday
for their scheduled engagement session.

This was my first time to meet Josh.
It was obvious from the beginning of the shoot
he adores Laurie.

Laurie and I met
at her cousins Greek wedding
in May of 2006 ...a true blast!

Me and cousin go way back...SHhhh
I will not tell...if you do not tell...stories!

In a calm manner
Laurie called me the day before
the session. We talked about the "what if's" of mother nature.

Thanks to the Mississippi weather
earlier in the week we were
surround by temps in the middle 70's.
Now we were facing windy temps in the low 40's.

Another call the next morning...

They proudly show up
at their scheduled time
dressed in coordinating outfits...to die for!
with a change of another coordinating outfit.

When we talked about
how they meet
I was truly digging this couple.

Laurie insisted their love story was not exciting.

I beg to differ.

I love to see blossoming couples,
to me that is enough of a love story.
And this couple is defiantly blossoming,
both have degrees with a planned career ahead.

Their three year relationship
began playing a game of washers with mutual friends.
Away from champing the game of washers,
Laurie is sure never to go hungry...
with Josh's cooking!

Most other times they can be caught
snuggled up watching a movie or a favorite sport
with their three dogs.

I can't wait until your early June wedding...
to meet the rest of the wedding party and your family!
Laurie is going to be a beautiful bride...

Thanks to the both of you, you rock!

ashley :)

p.s. By midnight there was less than an inch of snow
on the ground!


  1. Hi ya!
    I'm just bouncing around checking out blogs for the blog party!
    I wanted to comment that these are great photos! And I have to agree she is going to be a beautiful bride no doubt!!!!!!!! And skinny enough everything she tries on will look fantastic on her!!!
    Great photos!!
    p.s. feel free to pop on over to my blog and get in on my giveaway.

  2. Great pictures!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog for the UBP!
    Nice to meet you!