Thinking of a friend today...

In 2000 when I was diagnosed with FHC,
I longed to find other cancer related people,
that's like me saying I want someone to have cancer...WRONG!

Unfortunately at that time no one was to be found.

I was completely ALONE!

Springish, Summerish of 2008,
coming open with the writing of my cancer journey,
I begin to meet others who have been touched by FHC,
cancer period, for that matter. Long past what I thought
was the end of my healing process...
connecting with others help feel the void,
the void I longed for, for so long!

Amazingly, I found a hand full of FHC peeps.

Today one of those special peeps
is under going some additional treatment.
It is in my heart she will have a full and fast recovery!

She is a true angel! A fighter... her motto is
"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow..."
I call her my little FHC sister...!


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