TODAY is the day.... nine years ago!

Well guys if you have looked around my blog enough,
you have gained insight that I am writing my first
book, Daddy's Briefcase.

A book, something that I some days don't/didn't
think is/was possible. Believe me it has been very trying
to say the least.

Now, I am convinced any of us can do
anything we want as long as we set our heart, mind, body
and soul out to do so. But I’m obviously new to this book-writing
and publishing work, so I value any input, advice, suggestions,
helpful links, etc. that anyone wants to pass on!

Do you every see people in troubled times?
And secretly or openly wonder how they handle themselves,
or just want all the juicy details of how it all went down!

Nine years ago TODAY, is when it all started,
being told there was a spot on my liver.
Ultimately, I received the worst news
most people humanly possible could gain.

I was diagnosed with a rare form of LIVER CANCER,
at the time it was so uncommon for someone
my age, 23, to receive this type of news.

Already at age of 20,
I lost my father due to liver failure, he was 48.
The following day my grandmother died due to pancreatic cancer...

Prior at age 19, I gave birth to my first child.

My plate was full, way beyond FULL!!!
I promise ya!
So how did I survive?

In 2005, I set out to start my journey
of sharing my cancer story on paper.

One page of the first chapter was typed,
I ran, the emotions were still there,
I didn't even realize it.

Another year passes, a tug constantly
on my heart lingered, I had to find a way
to get my story out there, to share my struggles
in hopes of helping others, in 2006, I started typing

This go around was better, I am still working on it.
Yes, it's taking this long guys.

It is in my hopes you will join me on this journey,
we can complete this together.

I hope to wrap things up this year!

So you can get all the juicy details...
I can't wait!


p.s. I am going to be looking for early readers if anyone
is interested shoot me an email.


  1. Ashley thanks for sharing this incredible moment with us. Let me take a minute to applaud loudly and cheer, it is really something to celebrate, and for those of us who are in the same boat (counting the weeks/months/years following the C-diagnosis as a blessing) it is exciting and inspiring. So whew, thank God for your 9 years, and here's to many many more. I'm impressed that you are writing a book and you can count me in as an early reader and an early fan. I have a phobia about writing and sometimes really hate seeing things that I wrote out there in print, so I have tons of admiration for you and I wait with expectation to read it and cheer you on in a process that I would find so daunting.

  2. I too am a cancer survivor.

    Congratulations on getting your book written.

    I would be happy to review/read your book.

    I'm still blog hopping via the Ultimate Blog Party. Nice to meet you.

  3. Truly we cannot know what we are capable of enduring until it comes to us.

    I'm happy you are here today telling your story.

    Wishing you flow of words and success in finishing your book.

    p.s thanks for visiting with me.

  4. 9 years!! Wow, Ashley! You have come a long way baby!!!

  5. Hi there, saw you on UBP. I wanted to offer to read your book. I lost my father when I was 12 years old and 9 years ago I had a life threatening blood clot that changed my life. I think we'd be able to relate to each other quite a bit.