Babe it's cold outside! Everyone's wishing for snowflakes here after its been raining for eight straight days!

Handmade Planner

With the new year comes a new calendar. I usually keep a calendar in my kitchen and its been years since I've kept a planner. I used to live by those things when I was in college and my early years of working. So I thought this year I'd start fresh by using one again. Maybe it could help my head from spinning, right!? But this wouldn't be just any planner. It would be handmade. Yelp, that's right! If I was gonna use one I wanted it to be special. And what better way then to customize your own. Even better the mix media journal I wanted to use to create this was free. One day before Thanksgiving the art store was having buy one get one free sale on art journals. It was the perfect size. Off to creating this planner and the hubby along with my oldest daughter both kept telling me they'd buy me a planner. I continued creating! That's usually how it goes at my house when the creative juices are flowing, lots of questions, why!? I first painted the cover a blue, Indian Turquoise, that I love and use in most of, if not all, my work! I then glued a piece of cork board in the shape of a heart. I painted it the week before on a day I just felt like smearing paint! Moving on in to the inside, I created a page stating who's planner this was. Adding a year at a glance, a pocket and each month laid out with hand stamped numbers used for the dates. I am in love it looks and feels grand!

Dreaming is a form of planning 
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
-Benjamin Franklin 
Do you keep a planner!?

New Year New Word Relax

Night time sketching
#relax #church #vermont

My new word for the year is Relax.

Make or become less tense or anxious.
Rest or engage in an enjoyable activity so as to become less tired or anxious.

This church is in a free calendar that was sent to my home. It's St. Barnabes' Episcopal Church in Norwich, Vermont. I've always loved churches. The red door caught my eye and last night felt the need to give it a sketch. Enjoy!

Paint Brush Cleaning

One downfall to an art studio is the clean up! My hubby, Mr. Clean, went in my studio the other day to put something up for me and liked to have freaked!!! Days later I begin clean up, because believe it or not once I am done with a round of projects I have to clean up and start fresh the next time. It kinda reminds me of my office job I had years ago. My desk would get so messy but before it was all said and done the next day my desk had to be spotless, that's kinda how I keep my house too! Clean slate makes this girl, Mrs.Clean, a happy girl! It's my off to cleaning the studio the other day. All the glued, mod podge, up sponges tossed. All the scrap pieces of paper that just don't make any since to put in the scrape bucket, or should I say buckets, gone...ones i don't see a future with, in the trash. All the paints put up. All the glitter put up. All the pens put up. All the pencils put up. All the scissors put up. All the aprons put up. All the paint brushes put up or should I say in a bucket of water. This list goes on but I am gonna stop here at paint brush and show you how I clean my brush that sit in a bucket of water for DAYS...I soak them in Murphy's Oil soap then I scrub them!


Year at a Glance

This best thing that happen to me in 2012 was when I got an
iPhone for Christmas 2011. 
I was able to put it to
such good use!
I quickly begin using the
camera and using
instagram to enhance
my images to share
in an album
Picture A dAy.
I hope your new year, 2013,
is getting kicked off to a
good start.
I wanted to share
with you
the pictures
from the
Picture A dAy

"froSty PanSie-butterfly"
A bright cheerful Pansy in the early morning!
It appears to me as an image of an angel/
butterfly. This was the first picture
taking for the
Picture a dAy

"pEoPLe BEN" 
This People magazine appeared in my mailbox.
The Bachelor, one of the very few shows
I watch, if not the only one!

"Call ME"
A drawing, one I actually did over
Christmas 2011 break!
This was inspired by a photographer
friend of mine. She actually
had a picture of herself
very similar to this.

Mr. .... really!?!?!?
This note pad appeared
in my mailbox one day!

"Mississippi JaN" 
The wood line by my house.
This angle caught my
eye one January day!

I penciled this in one of my
many of journals. I am all about
me some encouragement!

"Blessed Nest"
 my coffee for the day!

"cotton cLOuDs"
this was one of
my favorite pictures.
It actually was used
as my wall cover
on facebook for
a while.
"sunny sHaDows"
Boots & Shadows
The sun coming
in through my
mudroom window
always stops me in
my tracks.
 I was looking for
something new
but very different for my
home early last year.
When I saw this I just had to
have it. It looks great
in my game room upstairs,
which is not where
it is in this

"tuckIN truckin"
coming home from
my moms!

"free to BE me"
this is on a painting
of mine with pages from
Daddy's Briefcase as the background.
A time I declared to be free
after a five year
writing period.
Allowing myself to be
Free of a very
trying time in my life.

diced veggies
the colors caught my eye.
Getting ready to
cook red beans and

celebrating the hubby's bday!

"treasure on a HILLtop"

Cough Drops N Meds...
I must have been
sick that day! 
"MY passion"
I love to doodle
during service.
It helps me process...




"Kar n buddy aka jackie"
Two of my babies...

"The beauty of laundry
on a Saturday before a ball game!"
colors of laundry


trying out pastel
pencils for the
first time.


Blue Sky

Get It Girl...

Little Chicks

Rainy Game Day

Battle is on

"I HEART laundry payments"
Pay Day...the hubby wrote...
 You are worth so much
more than that .
I'm sorry
I " short changed " you !! 
Lol. Luv ya

"Box top"
Okay! This was left for me this am
in the kitchen! :)
my thinking's, wouldn't
cutting out the box top
yourself been just as easy
as writing me this note!
(the life with kids)
Hearts of Pool
I was sitting out by the pool
one day working on a blog post
when I went to get up
I glanced in the pool
and this is what I saw.

"Powder Time"
Ten BOXES equals forty dollArs savings
I got a really good deal
on all these at Kroger.
I haven't seen
them priced
at this
use liquid
instead because
it cost less.
"Sweet 16"
February was my daughter bday!
I wanted to make
her day really
this was one
of the few ways I did so.

Daylights Savings Time

De hoarding

ready to play dirty Santa
with my church girls

Egg Colors

Box of Eggs

Elf comes to Town

End The Cycle

Fly with Me


My Art Journal

Father's Day Treat

Happy New Year!

Abstract Painting
I created this in an art class.
This is just a small glimpse of it.
I actually cut this painting in four's
to give to the girls at the
office I used to work
at when the
precious dentist
was diagnosed with
pan cancer.
I wrote a message on the
back of each one.

"welcome HoMe gUys... "
Well to answer a few questions,
after the girls and I peeled our self
off the front windshield from
Tony slamming on brakes
and yelling out something
(not sure what it was, I just knew it was serious)
 all we could do is watch him go off in the woods.
There are lakes, creeks and all shorts of
body of waters around here.
The rain must have pushed him up!
He was at least 5ft. I hope to never see him again...

Perfect Angle
"beautiful day"
this was on the ride to
Mistletoe with my oldest.

this word was used on a painting
I did last year for a special senior!


Biggest Leaf Ever

Bird Grass

Blast from the Past

Blog Work

Blue Moon

Rolling Pages
My Buck Slaugher

My Bunny Dog

Captain Kar

Camera Necklace
Christmas gift from the hubs

Co Worker

Clean Desk

My daughter driving behind me
(I was stopped at a red light)

Car Wash
Corn Bread
Custom Order
Tennis Shadows


Bone Marrow Donation
The hubby was swabbed from a very
dear friend son. Unfortunately, I was not
able to be swabbed!


 "It's CoLD, but i like it!!!"

Dad Loves You!
this is the oil change sticker
in my daughters car

Lazy daisy

Pound the Payment for a Cure


"It's a done DEAL! We are ready to take flight..."


This was a text
my sister sent me.
That time of Year
the reflection in my vehicle
caught my eye

itty bitty bits

jambalaya for the hubs

Mississippi State Fair 2012


this is one of my favorite pictures

a leaf my youngest daughter
gave me. Alot of people
said frame it
but I think
a print of this
picture will do!

ask for A miracle
i painted this days after
Dr. B was diagnosed
in a journal of mine.

it's a good night to be a HAWK

give thanks

windy American

murphy Family painting

new Orleans

Last night at our House



from the hubby
we share notes back n forth
like this from time to time

i heart bald
inspired by my friend Jane
Supporting the beautiful
and bald Barbie movement!

doppler live

book leaves


My paw paw and I
at lunch on his 85th
birthday! What a fun loving
humorous man.

shades of grey

peace reflection
(is the dog inside or outside)


 "RoLL with it SiSta...I heart this girl"

work IT

work in progress


prettiest turkey I've
ever seen.

mini sunflower


string of Pearls
look for "string of pearls"
at the Mississippi dancing
with the stars tonight!!! Starting bid...


rainy flag

drummer girl



first day of school

hot momma


storm shelter

western day



pink petal

 the side of my purse!
I looked down and saw the heart!



pay raise


first hawk rally


outlive your life

finger tips

kiss the girl


lake two

colorful laundry

"little girl"
Sweet little girl I saw at McAlisters
new perfume
mosquitoes were so bad this year


momma bunny

movie day

i heart this movie
walk with strips

home improvement



in memory of Dr. B

heart of chicken

my homemade desk
on the treadmill.

reading material

"Kars math FACTs with a charcoal pEncIL"


messy girl

heart of steak

the love between us,
 me and the hubby

Rodan Fields
I can't wait
to see what
this year,
has instore
for me and my family!