Paint Brush Cleaning

One downfall to an art studio is the clean up! My hubby, Mr. Clean, went in my studio the other day to put something up for me and liked to have freaked!!! Days later I begin clean up, because believe it or not once I am done with a round of projects I have to clean up and start fresh the next time. It kinda reminds me of my office job I had years ago. My desk would get so messy but before it was all said and done the next day my desk had to be spotless, that's kinda how I keep my house too! Clean slate makes this girl, Mrs.Clean, a happy girl! It's my off to cleaning the studio the other day. All the glued, mod podge, up sponges tossed. All the scrap pieces of paper that just don't make any since to put in the scrape bucket, or should I say buckets, gone...ones i don't see a future with, in the trash. All the paints put up. All the glitter put up. All the pens put up. All the pencils put up. All the scissors put up. All the aprons put up. All the paint brushes put up or should I say in a bucket of water. This list goes on but I am gonna stop here at paint brush and show you how I clean my brush that sit in a bucket of water for DAYS...I soak them in Murphy's Oil soap then I scrub them!


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