Handmade Planner

With the new year comes a new calendar. I usually keep a calendar in my kitchen and its been years since I've kept a planner. I used to live by those things when I was in college and my early years of working. So I thought this year I'd start fresh by using one again. Maybe it could help my head from spinning, right!? But this wouldn't be just any planner. It would be handmade. Yelp, that's right! If I was gonna use one I wanted it to be special. And what better way then to customize your own. Even better the mix media journal I wanted to use to create this was free. One day before Thanksgiving the art store was having buy one get one free sale on art journals. It was the perfect size. Off to creating this planner and the hubby along with my oldest daughter both kept telling me they'd buy me a planner. I continued creating! That's usually how it goes at my house when the creative juices are flowing, lots of questions, why!? I first painted the cover a blue, Indian Turquoise, that I love and use in most of, if not all, my work! I then glued a piece of cork board in the shape of a heart. I painted it the week before on a day I just felt like smearing paint! Moving on in to the inside, I created a page stating who's planner this was. Adding a year at a glance, a pocket and each month laid out with hand stamped numbers used for the dates. I am in love it looks and feels grand!

Dreaming is a form of planning 
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
-Benjamin Franklin 
Do you keep a planner!?

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