One thing about the cancer
community, that no one likes,
is it's growing.

On another note, it's a good
thing. Especially when you
hear from others who have
been there done that.

This morning after doing
a little picture editing, I
jumped on facebook to see
what was up.

I noticed a fellow blogger
friend had posted a new
blog entry. When I got to the
bottom of the post he had book news
listed, still not thinking one thing
about my book.

I read through Sheryl Crow,
who is a cancer survivor,
has a new cookbook and then
their was my book! Awesome...

And great job Sheryl, I had no
clue she was doing a cookbook!
written with Chef Chuck White–
is filled with over 125 seasonal,
locally grown and delicious recipes
as well as notes from Sheryl's life on the road,
home, and stories of her childhood
& path to stardom.

Thanks Dennis!

I refuse too! Do you!?

Today is a mile marker for me.
A day I will never forget,
11 years ago was my liver surgery!

I am now a 11 year cancer survivor!

I could push all this under the rug,
but it would take
away from who I really am!

And what I really have been called to do!

So, I refuse...

No matter what road you are on,
there is always hope!!!

See Inside Daddy's Briefcase

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A portion of the proceeds
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of the authors choice.

I smile, you cry...

One of the hardest
things for me throughout
the writing of Daddy's Briefcase
was how to end the book.

The first twenty chapters,
after long intense all night writing,
came almost like a piece of cake.
My photographic memory just laid
everything out so easy for me.

It was the ending that held me so close to
how I thought others should/would see
my story, take it, be touched by it.

After a further intense thought process,
it came to me. Me sharing my story
was just that, me sharing my story.
It's not my job to determine how others
will be touched by it. What was up to me,
was to fully share my story to the best
of my ability.

And God will do the rest!

It was like taking a paper cutter
and cutting the back end of the book

The Friday after the big announcement
Daddy's Briefcase was now available,
I got a text from my best friend...

that read,

"Got my book in the mail
today!!! Now I have tears
running down my face!! So much
for my makeup job!!! LOL"

Just days before, I already
warned her that the actual book
was so much different than the
loose leaf pages she read months/years
before print.

Getting her text was just one of the
many messages I have already received.
It has been so humbling to watch
and hear how Daddy's Briefcase
has already touched so many people.

I know God promises to use our suffering,
if we let Him, for our good and His glory.

Dear friends, do not be surprised
at the painful trial you are suffering,
as though something strange were happening to you.
But rejoice that you participate in Christ's sufferings,
so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed.
1 Peter 4:12, 13 NIV

Keeping in mind, she wasn't crying
because of reading it. She was simply
crying because of all I have been through
and I am able to tell about it!

That's kinda how my life goes,
I smile, you cry...

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