See Inside Daddy's Briefcase

You can now see limited
number of pages inside
Daddy's Briefcase: My journey through LIVER CANCER .

For those of you who already
received and read your copy
of Daddy's Briefcase can
still help me out by leaving a
customer review.

By doing this,
you can receive a
free bookmark. Message
me at

The customer review
is located on the Amazon page,
towards the bottom.

If you don't feel compelled to leave
a review, you can still help out!

Click the like button
at the top of the Amazon page
and/or click a tag you feel is
related to the book.

The like button is located towards
the top of the Amazon page. The
tags are towards the bottom. Check
the boxes next to the tags
you consider relevant or
enter your own tags.

Bookmarks will only be mailed
for customer reviews, I don't
have a way to verify who
clicked like or checked tags.

Either way, thank you so much
for your support!

I know many have asked,
but as of right now
the only way to purchase
a copy of Daddy's Briefcase
is at or
from me personally.

But with your help,
your reviews, I will have
a platform to stand on
when it comes getting them
in at least local stores!


A portion of the proceeds
from the sale of Daddy's Briefcase
will be donated each year
to a Cancer Foundation
of the authors choice.

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