Life can change in a flash

Friday April 30th '10 my mother was involved in a single car
accident. She fell asleep at the wheel on the way
home from work.

That afternoon, I had just talked to her.
We were making plans to attend
my step-cousin's wedding on that

Around 3:45 my cell phone rang,
a unknown number, which I am usually
guilty of not answering, showed up on my

When I answered, it was mother.
She didn't say hey this is mother.
She just went directly into, "I went to
sleep on the way home and I am hurt bad"

My mother is a woman of her word, what
she says she means.

I flipped out right in the middle of the local
shoe store. Both of my girls were with me
and we left the store immediately.

Making my way to the hospital, still so unsure
of her injuries, I tried to calm the girls and
myself. Her life flashed really fast in front of me.

When I was 20 years old my father died
right in front of my eyes. I had told myself through
the years if and when something happen to mother
I would be fine. If I could be so young and lose
daddy like that I could make it through losing her as well.


There was not one thing easy about this ordeal at all.

I paced the floors of the ER waiting for the ambulance
to arrive. When it did, I watched mother flat on a strecher
roll into a room. That I later entered, looking at the
bottoms of her shoes first.

All she could say was how SORRY she was.

That night turned into a week stay or longer in
the hospital. Test after test, looking for answers
to the case of the wreck as well as answers to her
injuries. Injuries was bang up literally from head to toe.
The first 24 hours she could not even left her head off
the pillow. Lastly, she ended with 3 compressed fractures
in her back. OUCH!!!! is really a little word for how she
has felt.

Although it has been two months now, she is doing so
much better.

We got her a car, hers was totaled, this past week and
her glasses, they were lost in the wreck.

I have tend to her as much as possible.

When she first came home she was on a walk.
Unable do do anything for herself.

grocery shopping
drying her hair

any daily chore you do for yourself
was out for her, but like I said she is
doing much better. Slow but better
is what I have to keep telling her.

I am not sure when she will return to work.

I am very thankful no one else was involved.

Her car left the road hitting a ditch, ramping a
cattle fench landing several several feet past the
fence. I picked at the ER workers, telling them she
was chasing cattle.

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