Mary Beth Chapman

When the kids started school this year,
I wanted to read something. Something from a Christian
prospective, and the Christian fiction author, Chris Fabry,
I have grown to love newest book, Almost Heaven,
wouldn't be out until October.

Mary Beth Chapmans new book Choosing to See,
caught my eye. So I read it in August/September....
I really enjoyed it! Mary Beth did
a great job of fully opening her heart.

Not only showing the struggles of the loss
of their daughter, but struggles through the years
as well. Although her struggles are different than mine,
I so could relate to her. Her book in away reminds me of
what my book will be like, glimpses of other struggles through
the years that bring us to a even bigger struggle.

I know for me I wouldn't change one thing about my life,
and I am thankful Mary Beth shared her story. It shows us
no matter who we are, where we are that life does and will
have struggles but if we choose to see, it makes everything
that much brighter.

I choose to see!

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