Proof in my hands

Guess what I got today?

I had no clue it would be here this soon.

My youngest daughter, who is 7, was around
when I realized there was a package waiting
for me. She has been so encouraging through
this entire process. To see the light in a child's
eyes her age as she says, "mom you can sell this book",
is absolutely priceless.

We called my other daughter in the room,
hubby wasn't home yet. The thought of waiting
on him to open the box did cross my mind, but
a little voice told me go ahead.

I grabbed for a knife, cutting the box open.

My eyes pounced with proudness!

Finally, in my hands a finished product.

Both girls ran, dancing with a copy in their hand.

I really could not believe my eyes, how awesome
the finished product turned out. Although, it is
not really finshed. I have to proof it, right, that is why
it's called a proof.

As goofy as they look, my littlest one made me take a picture, like so!
And she took them, priceless...


  1. Ashley! I am catching up with your blog and am so proud of your book progress. You really did it! Let me know when I can order a copy. Hugs from your blog friend Marisa : )

  2. Aw Marisa, thank you so much! I will definitely let you know. Hopefully by the end of February, I lack a few minor adjustments...