I can't keep my hands off of it...

Once the excitement of Daddy's Briefcase proof
wore off, I could not keep my
hands off of it!

I began immediately proofing, starting from the
back cover to the front cover. In a strange manner, I
work better back to front, than front to back.

I have always been like that, whether its reading
a magazine, newspaper etc.

Checking for story flow once again, I told myself
if I could understand it backwards,
then surely everyone else could understand
it forwards.

Since then, I am waiting on my third proof now.

The second proof, after minor changes on the inside and out,
color was slightly different. I am hoping the
third proof will point me in which direction I need to go
from here.

Day's, weeks have gone by so fast and it's near a month since
I recieved the first proof. Everyone was so excited, wanting
a copy of the book asap!

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