23 things about ME!

1. Love Spring and Fall.

2. My first car was a tan Ford Escort.

3. My best friend in high school worked the drive through at Burger King.

4. Own one pair of crocks. PINK!

5. I do not brush my hair.

6. My favorite show of all times is Wonder Years.

7. Lied to mother once.

8. I love hats.

9. My purse was stolen once.

10. Was not a straight A student.

11. Don't like front load washers.

12. My favorite new author is Lisa Schroeder.

13. My favorite sport is basketball.

14. Only one living grandparent.

15. Member of a small cancer group.

16. Love junk yards.

17. Collected frogs in high school.

18. Never had a maid.

19. Easily confuse words.

20. Photographed one Greek wedding.

21. Sat on the second row of a George Straight concert.

22. Walked 5 miles on the treadmill once.

23. Have one sibling.

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  1. Ahhhh, you are so sweet. Thank you. I'm truly honored!!