Remember this month is graduation ....

As we are near
the middle of May,

Don't forget those
who are graduating
whether it be
high school
or college.

My oldest daughter
and I chose
two beautifully
talented girls,

from the senior class
where my kids attend
school, to give
a small gift,
along with a card,
a little something simple.

I remember my senior year!

Do you?

It can be a scary time in our life,
but we can be reminded that it's okay,
go forward with those hopes
and dreams....

gift ideas:

Gift card
Jump drive
Inspirational book
Coffee maker
Organizer or planner
Desk accessories
A piece of luggage
Resume writing books
Set of sheets
Picture frames
Book about future field of study or career
Self-help Book
Phone card

1 comment :

  1. I printed sets of notecards for some of our seniors! You can see them on my blog.