On the PHONE....

At a local clothing store the other day,
I stood at the check out,
one of the salesman who usually helps me
stands behind the counter
talking with another co worker.

Over hearing them
as I am often guilty of
I hear him say
he doesn't like to talk of the phone,
it was work related.

I called him by his name,
while this other saleslady
is checking me out,
and said what,
you don't like to talk on the phone.

He was like yeah, you know people cant
see your personality while your on the phone.

Now he is alittle younger than me
but not by much,
his skin is alittle dark than mine,
but guys I am a firm believer in us
teaching each other.

I called him by his name,
saying you have got to be kidding me.
Tell me why you don't like to talk
on the phone
so he goes into details about
the personality thing.

Now this guy has diffidently got the PERSONALITY!

He has nothing to worry about
and I told him that, your personality
can shine through the phone
just like it does in person.

Guys, and girls, its all about confidence,
now believe me I struggle
with confidence,
it stems from childhood
but I am an overcomer! (most days)

Does yours your personality shine
even on the phone?


  1. Ashley, this post really touched me since I am very much like the young man you were talking to. I need to maker my personality shine while on the phone!

  2. I continue to enjoy your blogging prose/verse style. I have added you to my Cancer Blogs Links Page. Take care, Dennis beingcancer.net