Lost at sea...

Not hardly,
I know here this blog has been sitting,
no one to update, make regular entries.

How is it that hours, days, weeks and months
can go by so fast and all of sudden its
Christmas time, since my last post.

Well I probably could sum it up right fast.

October...my grandmother, actually my step grandmother,
had back surgery. Luckily she is fully recovering,
she was to the point of using a walker just to walk,
now bye bye walker.

November...is my youngest daughters birthday month.
I spent at least three weeks planing here special party
Cowgirl theme, space jump, gold dig, old town... which
was three boxes from a furniture store, made into a jail,
soda salon and a best western. It rained on the party day,
but we still had a party!

a week later was Thanksgiving!

December....wow, where did October and November go?
I am finished shopping, now its time to wrap.
The kids have exams, Christmas party and half days.

Christmas is a week away!

So does this mean I forgot about the book?
Are you kidding me, between everything I have managed
to work a very minimum on it, corrections, take aways
and reorganizing. Also this has giving me time to really
think through some things, to help me understand why I need
to take away and reorganize...so needless to say I am thankful
for this time, although I wish things were moving faster.

One of the biggest things about me writing about my Cancer journey,
is the fact of not understanding just why I am doing it, meaning its
not for me or about me. I will tell you just like I told my husband
last night, in one of the very FEW conversations we have had about my
writing, due to the fact of me being this weird sick twisted person
who absolute dislike to talk about deep heart things, I am a pretty private
person, so I don't know why I am to write about this journey, I just
know I am supposed to....

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