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my handsome Daddy

on my wedding day

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Below is a poem I wrote while
I was writing Daddy's Briefcase!


The only smell of you still lingers on

In your briefcase

It’s a shelter of protection

For my own peace of mind

I wish someone could have prepared me

Not a day goes by I don’t think of you

It’s been ten years now

How could that be

I can’t breathe as I shed a tear

The other day I freaked out

When I looked out the corner of my eye

I saw a red dodge caravan

And turned my head

Our stamp collection tucks deep in the bottom of my closet

One day I hope to share them with my kids

Your braided belt and shirts have been transferred

Three years ago

When we moved into our new home

I pulled the shirts close to me grasping for you

As I placed them into a box for the attic

I miss your smile and your strong hands

I was your Jack Daniel baby

I hope you know

I never wanted to see you go

I miss you

Wish you could see

Everything happening for me

You would be so proud of Tony and me

Thinking of the past

It’s different now

Momma and Angela are happy

Many people here remind me of you

Your still here somehow

I just can’t let you go

Once in a while I still shed a tear

It’s scary to me

I remain to stand tall and strong, just like you taught me

I’ve got to get a move on with my life

I can’t wait to see you again

I know you’re in a better place

On the other side

Wish I could see your face

But you’re where you need to be

Even though it’s not with me

My heart will never let you go

It’s getting dark now, I better go


  1. Oh Ashley, this made me cry my eyes out, as I read it I thought of my daddy too. Really good stuff. Love you!

  2. Wow, thanks to all those who entered to win a free copy of Daddy's Briefcase!

    We have a WINNER, check your emails!