Someone asked the question...

Recently, someone asked,
"Will you write another book?"

My response was, "Why yes! I will."

Which then leads to the next question, "When?"

I will tell you like I told them,
"Not with in the year, at least, that's for sure!"

I really do see another book in my future.
For now, I am gonna focus on the sales of Daddy's Briefcase and
my artwork. My art because it's what I have always
really wanted to do, and I really feel the timing is perfect!

It's like I had to go there, writing Daddy's Briefcase, to get to here, ART!

Here is a list of books when the time comes...
1. Summer, a verse novel about a girl name Summer getting married, this story will be bits and pieces complied of weddings I have photographed over a ten year period.
2. In my Backyard, a photography coffee table book
3. Daddy's Shed, a memoir, about my childhood
4. In the Darkness, this will be about my journey through my first book
5. Between Friends: a years worth of text messages

So what do you think?
Good list?
Which book would you like to see first?

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