For those of you who have read Daddy's Briefcase
may remember Banee. Banee, who was 13 at the time was my back seat DJ
back in the day -highschool- when my car only had am radio.

Banee recently requested a painting, "animal print" she said!

Hmmm, animal print "can you show me" something
to go by, an idea!? She mailed me this print out:

Awesome, awesome big bold leopard print, to work
I went. I shaped, I molded each piece...days would come
days would go. I told her it was summer, that it might take
longer. She waited patiently. The further I got with all the shaping
and molding, I begin to think about my life. Each day has been shaped
and molded, so that in the end I can say I did my very best. I have
to remind myself, I didn't just wake up this way!

i attached this on the back of the painting

starting process

see the texture-i heart texture
each textured piece was hand molded
if i was gonna do it, it was gonna be done right-my style
i have to say this is one picture that took me the longest time out of anything else i have painted

my hardest part when i paint a picture is being able to turn loose of it
i so usually can see all my work in my home some where
i usually run from room to room placing it in different places

i wrote this special little letter on the back of the pieces card
attached on the back

A few days after she recieved the painting, I recieved the
sweetest text message. Having the leopard paint in her living area
allows her to have a piece of me in her home. That's sweet stuff there!

Banee will always be my back seat DJ!

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