We should be reminded a mission field doesn't have to be out of the country! 
We are not all called to the same thing, same area, same place ect! 
(That would be wild and crazy if we all flew out of the country 
wouldn't it…say what...who would be left here in this field) 
Be reminded your mission might be just where you are standing, 
right where you are sitting, right where you lay! 
Don't miss out on your mission
…live to the fullest and know you are right where He has called you to be!!!! 
Get a clearer picture, this could be in the line at the grocery, 
smile at the cashier and ask how their day is before they ask you
-if they even do, in your marriage-stop the crazy cycle, 
raising your kids up-working moms and non working moms-it's all work, 
the soccer field, the field trip you attend, waving at the passing car on your street, 
Facebook, email, text, handwritten letter, 
a card, a meal…see the ripple my friends!!! 
#see #clearpicture #yourmissionfield #thisismyhearttothecore

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