Daddy's Briefcase

  Being the center of a prayer is powerful!
  But very indescribable...

  Eleven years ago, this time of year,
  I was the center of a gigantic-
  statewide/nationwide- prayer while
  fighting for my life battling LIVER CANCER.

  During that time not only was my life
 touched, but all those around me-family and friends,
 even people I didn't know.

So, you know how you hear people say,
 "I feel it's my calling" to do such-in-such...
well guess what!? I am here to tell you it has been
"my calling" to fully share my story with everyone!


Just for me that's scary, I am a very private person!

After five long years of trying to talk
myself out of writing the details down
in a book, it's finally finished.

You can order it here!

Thanks to everyone for your support and happy readings...
ashley :)

An astonishing journey straight from the heart of a young cancer survivor...

At the young age of twenty-three, Ashley Murphy, already a wife and mother, struggled to find her way in the working world. When finally her dream job was offered! She gave a two-week notice immediately. Only it was cut short to one week, due to being diagnosed with cancer. No time for illness, Ashley thought there must have been a mistake. As she grasped for strength from those rallied around her, she quickly realized the one she really wanted was not there, her Daddy. Just three years prior, Ashley stood beside him as he took his last breath. Then the next day, while planning his funeral, more unsettling news arrived.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Daddy's Briefcase will be donated each year to a Cancer Foundation of the authors choice.

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