We are closer now than ever before...

On a recent ride home from Disney World,
my family and I would sing every 30 minutes or so
"we are closer now than ever before". Might I add
the drive one way is 10-12 hours depending on who
is driving! :)

We quickly remember on that ride home why it had been
2007 since our last Disney trip. So in 3 or 4 years from
now please remind me, no, "you really don't want to do that."

Over all we really did enjoy ourselves, although my youngest
daughter appeared to be sick on the way down there. What seemed
like an allergy attack, turned into fever the next day. And who
knew Orlando has 5 Walgreen's....our family doctor kindly called in
meds. Every time we pulled up to one they would tell the hubby, "no sir,
this is not the one!" So back in the car on a wild ride we would go, til finally
a pharmacy was kind enough to transfer the Rx since it was closing time.

She never ran fever again, still had other symptoms.
I just figured it was strep...until we got back home and
settled in for a return back to school from spring break.
She started running fever again. Off to the doctor we went,
they tested her for everything....
flu, strep, mono, check her blood count etc.....
She has mono, yelp mono. No fun!

When we got home from the doctor that day I left her check the mail.
Another proof arrived, I lost count really of what number this was,
maybe number 7!
My daughter started asking lots of questions.
"Why so many proofs, how much has this cost,
what will you do next, can Daddy and I build a stand to sell them!?"

I finally okayed this proof, so I say to you "We are closer now than ever before."

Now it will take 5-7 business days for it to be available on Amazon.com.

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