Art Workshop

In an effort to continue to find me,
myself as an artist, I purchased the
She Art and She Art 2 online workshop
combo by Christy Tomlinson.

This is the first workshop
I've ever done! I found Christy's workshop through
another artist friend. Christy's constant style
of mix media art is so ME!
If I were to tell you of someone
who totally inspires me it would be
Christy. You can visit her over at her

She has a few videos under tutorials
you can watch of her work - Christy's tutorials
I watched all of them in no time. That's one reason
I choose to purchase these workshops, so that I
would have something to watch that held my attention
while I walk on the treadmill. My mother says there's
no way, she doesn't understand how I do such stuff on the
treadmill. But hey, if it works, it works!

Seeing her work, even prior to purchasing the workshop,
has shown me a different path to my art-stuff I already knew, but
has encourage me to apply. Usually, I am all
about abstract. It's been good! Mix media allows me
to be messy, like with my simple abstract and I like MESSY.

I hope one day to use some of my photography for some
mix media projects!

Christy's badge
from the workshop

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