One thing I am hoping for in 2012

To gain more outlets for book sales
on Daddy's Briefcase!!! I have a few
local ideas. If anyone has any ideas,
if your a book reviewer or if your a fellow
blogger looking for a guest, let me know!

I am happy to have so many
readers so far, but please remember if you have read
Daddy's Briefcase and would like to share a review do so
over at on here.  This helps others
as well as helps me in more than one way,
one being with more outlet sales. Meaning,
if someone sees there is an interest in me,
in my book they will be more willing to help
out with the additional outlets. Whether it be a magazine,
another bookstore, etc....thanks so much! Yall are
a BIG key to this success TOO!!!

I am not sure just how many sales will
ever be enough, it's really not about the
"sales" it's about me reaching out to others,
who are looking for some ray of light, hope!

Other ways you can help:
-by clicking the like but at the top
of the Amazon page-posted above.
-Also on that same amazon page you can scroll to the bottom
where it says, Tags Customers Associate with This Product
click on the ones that apply and/or you can create
your own words as tags, where it says create your first tag!

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