Online Art Class

Guess What!?

The Learn Live Lead
online art class is ready for

As I finish up a few
last minute things
getting the classroom
ready. I want
to go ahead and give you
time to purchase your
spot in the class.

The class will
March 25, 2013.

Just in time for a fun Spring...

I am giving $10 off
for those who sign
up before class starts.
So that means
it will be $29.99
vs. the original $39.99.

What a bargain!

You can do that by clicking below

Sale for Learn Live Lead
This sale will last
until midnight Sunday,
March 24, 2013.

Just because the class starts
Monday doesn't mean
you have to. The class is intended
for you to work at
your own pace
in your own

There are no deadlines...

Once you purchase
a spot in the classroom you will
receive a confirmation
email with in 24 hours.

From there you will be given a
special invite inside
the classroom.

Once in the classroom there
 will be a Welcome page
with a complete supply list
and a
Welcome video.

Starting Monday
a lesson will be posted each
day. This will be
about a weeks worth
of lessons.

If you sign up after class starts
everything will be there at once.

From there everyone has
unlimited access to the
classroom, but there
are a few classroom
rules I ask of you.
 There will be a video inside
the classroom explaining the rules.

If you are a beginner,
somewhere in the middle,
or an advanced artist
you are sure
to enjoy yourself.
All ages are welcome.
I use the very same
teaching tools
with my children.

If you've taking an
art class in your local town
before but not a online art class
you are sure to love
the online art class too.

It's alot of information I
know but it will
be alot of fun.

Let's get messy!

Art is the only way to run away
without leaving home ~ Twyla Tharp

Learn Live Lead

Learn Live Lead is an online
mix media art class. The class will
be broke down as the following...

Welcome to Learn Live Lead
My Studio
My Materials
Hands On
Step by Step

All within a private
online class room with
unlimited access.
This is great for working at
your own pace in your own space.

There will be a private
a facebook group. Once you register for
the class you will gain access to the group.
Here you will share, ask questions,
and gain insight from other
like minded artist.

Instagram #learnliveleadart for
instant sharing.

There will be a postcard swap with
others in the group for
those who register before the
class starts.
There will also be
a chance to win a custom
piece of my artwork!
To enter share 
about this class with your
friends. Send me proof
and you will have your 
name in the hat! 
This should be done before 
class starts 
Monday, March 25, 2013.


This class is intended to have
fun on a budget. So with that said
start with anything you might
have on hand.

*paper, cardboard, canvas, art journal
*scrape book paper, book pages
*junk mail, envelopes
*think recycle

a complete supply list will 
be given inside the class room.


If you haven't already
watch this video
for a quick
what the class
will be like.


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