Let's do THIS together

So a few weeks ago I shared
on facebook and instagram
this picture below.

Just finished filming how to make this nest !!!
#cutestuff beginning stages of an online art class!

So I am here today 
to continue this process and
allow you to see 
alittle more 

Back into editing videos
reminds me of 
my wedding photography 
days editing wedding 
slideshows. It's alittle different  
in the fact one's videos
with pictures and the other's videos
with videos. Ha! 

Jumping on over to setting 
the class room up. It will be 
a lot like my blog here.
I am thinking this will be good 
for you and I both. It will be something 
we are both used to.

So get ready...

Want to view alittle more in detail
what this class will be like
check out 
the tab 
top called 
"Online Art Class"
or click 

I am off to finish the class
up by videoing a 
few more 
things and editing. 
All while finishing up the Paypal 
button for payments!

While these last few things 
are under way I don't 
have the actual
class day start up yet!
But please be on the lookout...
there's advantages 
to signing up before the class

Are you ready!?
Have you taking an online art class before!?
What's your favorite color!?

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