Send Saturday Mail

I heart mail!
As a child, I had pen pals
and a stamp collection with my dad.
The recent announcement
about no more
Saturday Mail has touched
my heart beyond measures!
So Saturday I posted this to Facebook....
 And then on Sunday the rain
helped me take action. I started preparing
my "Saturday Mail".
I used some old card stock I've kept
from Church bulletins.

I tossed alittle paint here and there!

I glued pieces of scrapes I had!

Making ten special
"Send Saturday Mail"


“Send Saturday Mail” to be delivered or picked up!
Make it personal, it can be a recipe, magazine clipping, 
a quote, a verse, a note, a postcard, a card w/ envelope,
recycle, it doesn’t have to be crafty!!!
Let’s make history. You have until August.
I can’t wait to see what I get! What about you!?

Few facts about no mail on Saturdays...
This will start August 1st 2013
Congress was not asked about the stop of delivery
and they are fighting it!
Only 70% American support no Saturday mail
because they think it will lower
postage. But that's not the case.
Those who vote by mail will be hurt.

The post office will still be open just no
delivery of letters! Packages will be delivered.
This will save the postal service 2 billion dollars!
They lost 16 billion last year!
We will be able to tell our grandchild
mail was delivered on Saturdays at one time.

Will you miss Saturday Mail?
Will you "Send Saturday Mail" until August?
Would you like me to send you a piece, let me know!?
Who will be the lucky 10 this week!?


  1. Ashley, this is wonderful! I'm up for it!

  2. I would totally love a postcard! I've sent some in the past, but I'm ramping up doing more now. I just ordered two more cards and I found a place that sells old unused stamps for less than face value! Life is good!

  3. Best of luck to you with your Saturday Mail project! :)