Stay Home Mom

I want
to take the time to show you
some books I read last year
about stay home moms.
My first response
to several of these
books was,
where have you been!?
I really wish I would have thought
to seek out to find
such books back
several years ago.


I read My Heart's at Home first.
And let me just say, I absolutely loved.
Jill is very down to earth
and tells it like it is on how
to maintain the wife and mom role.
the balanced mom
was really good. The author, Bria Simpson,
graduated from Duke University, obtaining a Masters in Psychology.
She worked as a child and family therapist,
followed by staying home full-time with her children
Now works part-time as a life coach and author.
She's married with three children.
This was a very fast read,
several of the points given I already
knew but was a great reassure
book for me.
Love the cover!
Love the feel of it!  
This was really the first one I thought
to myself where were you
five years ago.
The Essential stay at home mom manual
 is another one I wish
I had when I first came home.
It's kinda geared more towards having
smaller children. Which the author,
Shannon Hyland-Tassava, children are
older now, school age.
Really, really liked this book!
Great cover too!
She's on my facebook page
and enjoy following what she's
up to. Making friends through books,
making friends through facebook is the bomb.
She even talks about that in her book.
Very down to earth!
I really have enjoyed the survival guide,
although I haven't finished it. It's kinda a thick
book and I am bad about reading
more than one book at a time.
It's loaded with lots
of different moms
thoughts and opinions of the stay home mommie
I have to say, I've only read a few pages
of the praise one. I just haven't had
time to finish it up.
This book has GREAT reviews
on though.
 Here's a few old blog post
of me voicing
on my struggle at home,
but knowing I am right where
I supposed to be:
Have you read any of these books?
How long have you been home?
What's your take on the stay home mom roll?
Was it hard for you to give up
your career? Identity?
P.S. my side job is artist, photographer, author, blogger!!!

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