Spring Break is here again...

After five years now of being a stay home mom, I finally get it!

I love it when my kids are out of school...but I always want something fun for them.
It amazes me at the littlest things that make them happy.

Last week and the week before both my girls and I had strep throat,
so this really had me off on my days of being prepared for them home during
spring break. As a last minute take, I am up late at night thinking of our week ahead.

Everyone else is soundly asleep!

The one request I was given before bedtime was for my mother to spend two days
with them not just one, so I will fit that into the equation.


pump it up
movies-only I checked the movies and there's not really any ones we would enjoy.
make crafts
shop for easter shoes
shop for swim suits
play games

A list of a few websites I found:

Stay home spring break ideas...last years list

workathomemoms kids activities

another familycrafts

This is our Spring Break last year...2009

Hope everyone enjoys their week, with money a key factor be creative!

I am gonna start by getting a good night sleep and saying my thanks for the good things in my life-a husband and healthy kids for starters.

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