My heart goes out to Kate Gosselin, her performance on DWTS
was like a shopping cart, no joke. But hey....I am so proud of her!

You know she could have completely turned down the opportunity
to be on the show. But instead, she stood strong, showing that no
matter how hard times get, that life does go on.

This is my first year to watch DWTS-ever!

And I have to say I am watching it just because of her.

Kate on Dancing With The Stars.....
I absolutely loved her dress.

I understand the shopping cart comment!
The nerves.....I see myself in Kate....I know what
it is like with nerves to the point your in a puff
like I am I really here.

Kate is so bold, honest! And I love it...

can't wait to see what the weeks ahead bring for her
-you can do this-

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