~zhu zhu pets~

Have you seen them?

My youngest daughters birthday is in November.
Just in time for all the cool stuff out, that will be hot that Christmas.
This past November zhu zhu pets it was.
The commerical played several times a week.
And what do you know, my daughter wanted them, not just one but all.

So as the good mom I am, my search was on.
Only you could not find them in local stores, I looked at Toys r us, Target
and Walmart. Nothing, only a empty shelf, indicating they would have them
but they had just not arrived.

Internet search was on from there. I found them, the set was almost $500.
I just couldn't find myself to get the set, so I settled for a few pieces.

Close to Christmas time I saw friends on facebook looking for zhu zhu's.
They couldn't be found anywhere. Or if they did right before Christmas they
broke down and bought the set. And I am thinking to myself, my daughter got hers
for her birthday in November, and she doesn't even play with them, still doesn't!

I was in the local Big Lots this week, we went to get bug catchers,
and there the zhu zhu's sat.On the end aisle!
My daughter already recently had been telling me she wanted
the rest of the set. And of course seeing them in Big Lots
just made her want them even more. I didn't give in. I just don't
see it, she doesn't play with the ones she has.

I over heard the people next to me,
talking about how much they paid at Christmas for them
and how hard it was to find them. I was so glad to hear
I am not the only one who is kicked up
on them. Makes me wonder about everyone else.

Does your child have zhu zhu pets? If so, do they like them...


  1. I have a four-year-old and he's never mentioned zhu zhu pets. Not sure if he'd like them or not! I'm glad that you stopped by my blog today and commented!

  2. I don't even know what zhu zhu pets are! Maybe they're for younger kids?? (Mine are 14 1/2 & 12.)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Here is a link to the blog post that tells where I got my info to change this template: http://momishome2.blogspot.com/2009/04/i-changed-my-template-using-html.html

    Have fun & let me know if it works!

  3. Can you believe, my daughter asked for more of these for her birthday again!?!?