Summer of Service

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything,
but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do
interfere with what I can do.
~Edward Everett Hale

Summer of Service

What does that look like!?

Summer with kids serving others,
no ones sure to get bored! 

Help your kids identify what serving others is.

Serving others doesn't mean you have to go out 
of the country. You might already being 
serving and just haven't stopped 
to think of it like that! 

Serving brings joy,
love and inspiration to life.
Serve humbly, selflessly, put others
before yourself whole heartedly
without expecting anything in return. 

Serving takes time, energy and effort,
it's simple things that really help people
or things others can't do for themselves.

Doing jobs that might not be your favorite.
Doing jobs that aren't assigned to you.
Noticing things that can be done for someone else
and doing them with out being asked.

pick up trash when you see it on a walk
put shopping carts in bin
open the door for the elders
donate old magazines to local library 
donate old books to local library 
gain a pen pal
write a letter to a solider 
cook a meal for an elder
instead of birthday gift ask for items to donate
give coupons to someone who will use them
give boxtops to someone who's child's school collects them
start a recycling project
make cards for those in a nursing home
encourage others to take a bike ride
share your interest, hobbies, talents with others
set up a book exchange
collect dog supplies and take to shelter
send thank you notes
practice random acts of kindness
run or walk at a charity race
speak to the cashier

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life
by what we give.
~Winston Churchill

Click Here to see a longer list of community service ideas

Click Here to see Bible verse about serving others. 

Use your handy dandy Pinterest to get additional 
ideas. Search community service ideas

Most of all,
don't be discouraged
if your time, your schedule and
your resources don't allow you to serve
like your friend, your family member is or did! 

Facebook can be your mission field also!

If you would like to know ways you
and your family could serve ask me and I'd be
glad to point you in a direction you might
not thought of.

"No exercise is better for the human heart than reaching
down and lifting another up."
Serve out of LOVE!

In an effort to serve in the community
my crew and I are gearing up for a
"summer of service."

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