Ways to serve this holiday weekend

Peace does not come just because we wish for it. 
Peace must be fought for. 
It must be built stone by stone.
~Lyndon Johnson

No matter where you are this holiday
weekend take time to 
serve others. 

Leave alittle of your 
happiness behind...

ways to serve 

speak to others in the elevator, 
make a funny, watch them smile

pick up trash you see,
even if it's on the beach,
in a parking lot
or at a friends house

leave a nice message 
on your receipt 
while out to dinner
or a sticky note at 
a friends house you might
have been invited to

hang your American flag
big or small

break out the red, white and blue
napkins, plates, clothes
towels etc.

help someone who looks 
like they are trying to 
take a family 
 suggest a 
self timer app

remember those 
around you who served 
and are currently serving 
our country

think of those 
who's family members 
maybe away serving 

smile at others

write a message in the sand
for those who serve,
on a napkin, 
sticky note 
in an elevator 

draw a flag in the sand,
on a napkin

visit a cemetery 

visit a national park 

read a book memorial day book
to help understand 
a soliders sacrifice 

write a letter to someone 
serving or send a care package

Most of all remember to acknowledge 
to yourself your service...
IT MEANS a lot!

Enjoy your long weekend!

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