The forgotten dream

Forgot to share my dream with y'all from not last night 
but the night before! Are you ready...!?!?!?! 

I dreamed a raccoon got in my house! 

See, I love birds. Like bird feeders in my yard. 
I know, I know it's a true sign I am aging but just last year 
I filled both bird feeders up with the special feed 
I get at Lowes that squirrels don't like. 
And raccoons came and ate out of both feeds. 
How do I know this because my dog told me. 

Her's smart like that...

She chased one off the feeder one night. 
He scooted fast under our fence. Wipe the forehead on that one. 
She was safe and so was he... 

So back to the dream!

What did I do when I realized he was in my house?! 
Well I, in my dream, got up to go to the bathroom and saw him in my house. 
So I screamed for the hubby to get up....that's all I remember! 

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