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If you'd like to grow....

Grow Spiritually

A step towards SPIRITUAL GROWTH is keeping a prayer journal:

-don't over think it!
-include dates of entries
-include scripture that stood out to you, that speaks to your heart, your situation. This will increase your knowledge of God's word. 
-record prayer request
-record answered prayers
-include friends & family request-pour your heart out, your thoughts, your frustrations, your happiness, sadness, joy
-don't feel guilty
-it may take days or a week to finish a page, write a little a day or a lot
-don't know what to write to get started, confess that. Start by stating you've come with an open heart not understanding just where to short journaling.
-use words ONLY
-bullet list
-use color...pens, pencils, crayon, markers
-look on Pinterest-"inspiration for prayer journaling" "prayer journal"
-use pictures
-use words, color, pictures together
-mix media
-be FREE-hear encouraging words write them down
-focus in on key words of your prayer, your concerns, note verses by that key word. Google the key word for verses ( ex. joy bible verse ) but then read them in your Bible, journal verse from the actual Bible. (openbible.com is good to find verse on by word) 
-expect God to speak to you
-journaling, getting in God's word is like recharging your soul, like recharging your cell phone
-it's not an artsy thing
-write what you hear in you quiet time
-writing in your journal helps your mind stay on track when praying
-helps you become closer to God
-more discipled in your prayer life
-increases your faith
-between you & God only
-no organization, God wants your heart
-tell God how you feel about Him
-what you need
-ask Him to show you areas He needs to deal with in changing you, changing your heart…growing you!
-George Washington, first president of the U.S. kept a journal even at the young age of 20
-take notes during a sermon, paste them in your journal
-a journal reflects your walk with God
-most important is it's written from the heart
-a place you can be real with God, confess your weaknesses and sins, draw close to you're Heavenly Father
-take time to dream and receive God's infinite love
-it can also be a place to "be still" before your maker and reflect, reflect on your life
-prayer journal is about both our relationship with God and our needs, also the needs of others
-transforms you in your daily life with God
-renewal what you're learning, Bible Study, verses, lesson
-listening, turn to scripture and listen when no one else can help
-learn to hear God's voice

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