DIY Fall Wreath

Fall is one of my most all time favorites of the year. Guessing maybe moving into cooler weather and the changing of colors grabs my soul. Perfect timing to get my creative juices flowing. This year my heart longed for two new wreaths for our front doors. Although, I see many things in the store these days my hearts desire is to make it myself, make it my own, recycle from what I already have on hand. Walk with me as I take you on the journey of making your very own Fall Wreath too! Enjoy

Welcome to 

DIY Fall Wreath 

What you will need:

two grape vine wreath
fall color scrape material 
fall color yarn
door hangers

So let's start! We have our two grape vine wreath. I tried my hardest to hand pick two which were similar in shape and size. Having done so, I grabbed them both up in Hobby Lobby, paying $4.99 each. These can also be found other place like Michael's. 

Next, I moved on to looking through my scrape material. 

You guessed right, I have 5 containers of scrape material. I really should combined some of those scrape material buckets, but I really like how I have each one sectioned out. There is still enough room in each one I can dig through finding just what I am looking for on any given project. 

Above is an additional work bench I have outside of my studio. It's located in our attic. On the right side you will see where my music is forming from, Klove. That was my stereo I had in high school. The lamp on top of it has been with me for a while also. It came from Fred's years ago. The stack of clothes next to it is clothes waiting to be made into scrapes. Sadly, they don't have a bucket yet. Pushing towards the middle of the table is the two grape vine wreaths. On the left side of the table is a lamp with some scarfs draped over it. Next to that is a pink Christmas tree, I decorated years ago for my daughter birthday party. Fire truck underneath and a scrape basket of material out to the right front sitting on a trash can. 

I cut scrapes of material and yarn into about 6 inches long and 1 inch wide. Using what colors I had on hand that seemed like Fall colors to me: yellow, gold, orange, green, brown, deep red, off white.

Tying each piece around finishing it with a knot. I tried to go in the same order on both wreath. Not that I thought I'd hang them the same but it only makes sense for the visible eye for them to be the same even if hung differently. 

I came across some green and orange tule as well while I was working. I trimmed the green tule in the picture above once tied. Figuring out they didn't have to be cut as long to begin with like the rest of my scrapes. 

Also, I ended up using some herringbone print scrape material.

These look really good up close on the front door, but from the street it's kinda like, huh!? These pictures even make them look like hamburger and french fries…the color combo I guess. In person they are fun and friendly. Glad I made them. Hoping you find some inspiration in this DIY project. Here's to an awesome day!

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