Monday, May 8, 2017

A Morning Treat: Annie's Cinnamon Rolls

So often we get busy in the hustle of life we forget ourselves. Now, I know we are not called to over indulge as self centered beings, but we must remember to treat ourselves. This can be by the simplest things, like such in this video. On a regular day serving my family, I tossed a pan of Annie's Cinnamon Rolls in the oven. Treating ourself isn't just by food. Other ways could be by a walk at a nature trail, listening to the birds from our front porch, watch a youtube video, spending time in the word or even a hot bath, etc. This keeps us present, creating us into well rounded self discipline, balanced servants. Here's to your day doings all for His glory.

Stay shiny,
Ashley Murphy

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Turtle Food
Annie's Cinnamon Rolls
Turtle Light
Kitchen Utility Scissors

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